u̯ogʷhni-s, u̯ogʷhnes- (*su̯ogʷhnes-)

u̯ogʷhni-s, u̯ogʷhnes- (*su̯ogʷhnes-)
    u̯ogʷhni-s, u̯ogʷhnes- (*su̯ogʷhnes-)
    English meaning: ploughshare
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “Pflugschar”
    Material: Gk. ὀφνίς ὕννις, ἄροτρον Hes. (in addition probably also ὄφατα δεσμοὶ ἀρότρων. ᾽Ακαρνᾶνες Hes.) = O.Pruss. wagnis “Pflugmesser”; O.H.G. waganso, Ger. bO.Ir. der Wagensun, O.Ice. vangsni “ plowshare “; but Lat.vōmis, -eris (nom. thereafter also vōmer) “plowshare“ from u̯ogʷh-smis; unclear is Gk. ὕννη, ὕννις f. “plowshare“ (compare Brugmann II2 1, 288); O.H.G. weggi, wecki m. “wedge” (and “keilförmiger Wecken”), O.E. wecg, O.Ice. veggr “wedge” = Lith.vãgis “wedge = spigot, hammer, nail”, Ltv. vadzis “wedge”, O.Pruss. wagnis ‘sech (part of Pfluges)”.
    References: WP. I 315 f., WH. II 835, Trautmann 337; after Wackernagel KZ. 61, 206 ff. as ‘spitzer, bohrender object “ to O.Pers. ud-avajam “I stach from” (root u̯egʷh-).

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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